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In determining the pistachio average price per kg, the quality of the product is most important. The difference in the price of pistachios, including the naturally opened, the closed mouth as well as the mechanically opened pistachio, is high. Because these products have a lot of differences in quality.

Also, the pistachios of the Akbari pistachio, Ahmad Aghaei pistachio, Fandoghi, Kalle ghuchi as well as Badami pistachio have different prices. Because each variety has its own unique characteristics. So their prices are different.

Of course, in addition to these two, the quality of the next parameter is considered in pistachio pricing. The quality of pistachio is determined by the percentage of defects in it. Here is an example of pistachio defects and their differences in the different quality of pistachios. This description helps you better understand the quality parameter.

Effect of pistachio quality on pistachio average price per kilo

The percentage of pistachios in a tree does not always open naturally. And the mouth is closed. After pistachio processing and drying, the closed shell pistachios are often separated.

The percentage of closed shell pistachios inside the pistachio is one of the items that is considered by the buyer in the purchase. For different quality pistachios, the permissible percentage of this defect is different. This is also the case in pistachio pricing. We have defined this range for our products in the table below.

Physical characteristics of pistachio in shell/ Naturally Opened
Superior Grade Excellent Grade Grade 1 Grade 2 Standard degree-Grade 3
Product Code – Anata Nuts Co. PSG PEG PG1 PG2 PG3
1.Shell Defects (%)-(allowable tolerances by weight)
Closed shell and blanks 1 2 3 4 5


As you can see, the percentage of closed shell pistachios in different qualities is as follows. Know that the price of these qualities is also different.

  • The superior grade pistachios: Less than 1%
  • The excellent grade: Less than 2%
  • Grade 1 pistachios: Less than 3%
  • The % of closed shell pistachios in grade 2: Less than 4%
  • As well as % of closed shell pistachios in standard degree (Grade 3): Less than 5%

As you can see, in high quality pistachios, the limit is lower. To see the full specifications of the quality of pistachios, refer to the product section.

After reviewing and choosing the desired quality, you can contact us. We are ready to receive your order. You can also register your order from the shopping guide.

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