fandoghi pistachio exports to Germany

fandoghi pistachio exports to Germany

The volume of Fandoghi pistachio exports to Germany is high. Among the pistachio cultivars of Iran, Fandoghi pistachio have a high export to the European Union. The reason is the low level of contamination of Fandoghi pistachios with Aflatoxin and, of course, its high volume production. The origin of Aflatoxin is fungus Aspergillus. The presence of Aflatoxin can cause cancer if it exceeds the limit. For this reason, the Food and Drug Administration (Codex) has been defined for that limit. The European Union has defined this limit:

  • for Aflatoxin B1 about 8 units
  • and also for total Aflatoxin (B1+B2+G1+G2) of about 10 units.

Iran pistachios with Super and excellent grade have this standard. And its export to various EU countries such as Germany, Italy and so on.

exports of Fandoghi pistachio kernels to Germany

In addition to pistachios in sell, exporters also export pistachio kernels to Germany. Of pistachio kernels types, kernel processed from close mouth pistachios are suitable for the Eu. Because it has the lowest levels of Aflatoxin contamination.

Packed pistachio exports to Germany

Pistachio packaging plays a very important role in maintaining its quality. Creating a suitable package to protect pistachios from environmental damage during transportation is essential. Vacuum packaging is the best packaging for pistachios. Vacuum packaging keeps pistachios from moisture and oxygen in the air. The storage time of pistachios with vacuum packaging is much higher. Pistachios with vacuum packaging can be maintained without any damage. So, In the export of pistachios to the European Union, the packaging of vacuum pistachios is the best option for protecting product quality.

Tabriz Green Diamond pistachio (Anata Nuts) Company is an exporter of pistachios to the countries of Singapore, England, Germany, Italy and more. We will prepare and send the pistachios and pistachio kernels according to the type of request of the buyer.

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