iranian pistachios uk country

iranian pistachios uk country

Iranian pistachios uk with the aim of investigating whether Iranian pistachios can be suitable for export to England. You can answer this question by reading this article.

The reason for writing the Iranian pistachios uk article and the subject matter above is related to the laws and standards of the United Kingdom. Specific and restrictive rules that do not allow any pistachio product to enter the UK. These rules are related to the health of pistachios. And the emphasis is on aflatoxin pistachios, which is a very dangerous poison. But maybe you’re wondering what is the source of this poison in pistachio? In this article we describe Iranian pistachios uk briefly about the origin of this poison in pistachios.

The fungus of Aspergillus is a fungus that grows in some food and crops. This fungus generates aflatoxin. This toxin has four groups. B1, B2, G1, G2. The most dangerous form them is B1. Countries have been careful about the issue of pistachio imports and regulations. And limitations for total aflatoxin and aflatoxin B1.

Pistachios in the UK

The UK has also done this. But England is one of the countries that has defined the limit for aflatoxin. Therefore, pistachios with the lowest amount of aflatoxin (total aflatoxin below 4PPB) should be exported to England. But what happens if the product does not comply with this standard? In this case, pistachios will not be able to enter the UK. And so the burden will be rejected.

With this description, are Iranian pistachios able to export to the UK?
The health of pistachio production and processing has increased significantly in Iran. Now pistachio is exported to the world with the highest quality and with the equipment of the day. The United Kingdom, Singapore, the European Union, etc., which have specific rules in this regard, are all importers of Iranian pistachios.

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