iranian pistachios in usa

iranian pistachios in usa

Iranian pistachios in USA have a lot of fans. The United States is one of the applicants for Iran pistachio. But the existence of high import tariffs on pistachios has led to a lack of imports of Iranian pistachios into the United States.

But why is America, in spite of the main pistachio producers in the world, interested in Iranian pistachio?

Iran’s pistachio has a competitive advantage that has made many customers in the international market. The most important competitive advantage of Iranian pistachio is its taste. This advantage has caused even American consumers to be interested in importing pistachios. Despite the fact that America is a pistachio producer.

Of course, US government limits imports of pistachios. These issue have caused imports of pistachios to the United States to be very low. In fact, Iran’s exports of pistachios to the United States are very low. And the reason is not the lack of demand for it, but because of the heavy import tariffs.


Price of iranian pistachios in usa

Despite the high tariffs for importing pistachios from Iran to the USA, it is possible to see Iranian pistachios in the USA market. Because, as we note above, despite the high complications, some customers may import it.

With the explanation we have, the final price of Iranian pistachios in the USA is high.

This is a competitive advantage that has contributed to the export and success of Iranian pistachio. In fact, every customer who delivers a delicious Iran pistachio flavor, will choose Iran pistachio in comparison with similar products.

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