wholesale pistachios sale online

wholesale pistachios sale online

The most important points that should be considered by the parties in the wholesale pistachios sale in the three preceding articles of the “buy shelled pistachios in bulk“. In this article, we want to raise another issue. This is very important in pistachio exports and imports.

In wholesale pistachios sale, the type and quality of pistachio is one that is considered. Negotiations on other issues also take place. The following are among them.


Negotiating for wholesale pistachios sale

After determining the quality and price of pistachios, the following should be investigated and negotiated. And buyer and seller of pistachios, agree on them.

  • Secondary processing on pistachios
  • Pistachio packing
  • The mode of transportation according to the origin and destination of the load
  • Place of delivery
  • Conduct the customs process, contract with the shipping company as well as the insurance company
  • Selection of inspection company for quantitative and qualitative examination of the product
  • Time of delivery
  • Currency trading
  • payment method

The agreement on the above matters specifies what tasks each party has. And when should they do these tasks? As you can see, all of these are the main components of the deal. Failure to do the right thing leads one of them to fail to properly deal. So, as much as we need to pay attention to the choice of pistachios and its price, we should consider these details.

In the previous three articles “buy shelled pistachios in bulk“, it is fully explained how best to choose between different pistachio qualities. In this article, we also announce the details that we should pay attention to after agreeing on quality and price.

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