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Are you familiar with wholesale pistachios suppliers? Countries are the main suppliers of pistachios? How can you trade pistachios with these countries?

You can see the Global Pistachio Producers List at below. As the statistics indicate, Iran and the US are suppliers of pistachio nuts in the world. (5 YEARS AVERAGE PISTACHIO PRODUCTION / In-shell Basis (Metric Tons) / source: INC)

  • USA 42%
  • Iran 33%
  • Turkey 17%
  • Syria 4%
  • Afghanistan 2%
  • Others 2%

Whether these countries are using the product in-house or on the global market? We want to know pistachios suppliers and exporters worldwide. Understanding how to contact them to buy pistachios is necessary.

To answer these questions, we need to look at the export figures for pistachios and exporters of this product. At below, you can see the main exporters of pistachios in the world. (5 YEARS AVERAGE PISTACHIO PRODUCTION / In-shell Basis (Metric Tons) / source: INC)

  • Iran 40%
  • USA 34%
  • China 14%
  • Germany 3%
  • Netherlands 3%
  • UAE 3%
  • Belgium 2%
  • Others 1%

As you can see, the countries of Iran and the US are at the forefront. This means that the two countries offer the largest amount of pistachios they produce in the world market. In other words, the major suppliers of pistachios in the world are Iran and the United States.

How to access Iranian wholesale pistachios suppliers and exporters?

As we announced, Iran is one of the main producers and major exporters of pistachios in the world. It’s easy to connect with Iranian pistachio exporters.

Most of the exporting companies are known to traders around the world. And their ways of communication are accessible in various ways, including the Internet.

You can easily communicate with these companies and negotiate the purchase of pistachios.

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