bulk raw pistachios for sale

bulk raw pistachios for sale

Bulk raw pistachios for sale are offered at the international market level. But depending on the destination, there is a difference between the quality offered.

Experienced and experienced pistachio exporters are familiar with the tastes of different countries in buying pistachios. The statistics show that raw bulk pistachios are entering the market in various countries for sale.

But would pistachio sold in a region like China be suitable for sale in another area such as India. Or another country, such as Germany?

Based on the experience and the information we have about the standards and tastes of different countries, the answer to this question is negative. The difference in taste and differences in the laws and standards of different countries in pistachio trade is the reason for this disagreement.


Bulk wholesale pistachios suppliers

Pistachio wholesalers are preparing bulk raw pistachios for sale according to destination.

  • For example, the Indian country loves the large size of white pistachio Ahmad Aghaei. Therefore, exporters will be ready this product to send pistachios to India.
  • In order to send pistachio cargo to the Eu, it will be necessary to pass the cargo of its standards. Especially on aflatoxin lows.
  • The pistachio we offer for the EU is not suitable for Hong Kong. Because Hong Kong wants a product at very reasonable prices. While pistachio shipments for the European Union require a second processing and preparation, it will increase pistachio prices.

Extensive exporters choose bulk raw pistachios for sale in global markets according to destination. For this reason, it can succeed in international trade.


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