roasting salted pistachio kernels

roasting salted pistachio kernels

Salt is used as main flavoring agent in the roasting salted pistachio kernels. We process the roasting roasting pistachio kernels according to customer’s order.

Pistachio is a nuts and also it suitable as an essential ingredient in the preparation of various products. The pistachio kernels used for both nuts and food processing units can be raw or roasted and flavored.


Flavored pistachio kernels for sale

The flavored pistachio has a variety of different types. This category is often based on the type of pistachio, and then the flavoring type. For example, in the roasting salted pistachio kernels, salt is the main flavoring ingredient. Of course, other flavors such as vegetables may we also use (Of course, we are doing customer orders). The flavored pistachios kernels, in addition to the raw pistachios, is suitable for sale for use in nuts, or use in the decoration of various products. Some consumers like the raw pistachios, and others are flavored with it.


Buy roasted salted pistachio kernels

The order to buy roasted pistachio kernels comes from both the domestic market and foreign consumer markets. We often roast the pistachio nuts on the customer’s order.

Therefore, in ordering roasted pistachio kernels We need for a few days to process and prepare the pistachio. During this time, we prepare the product and process its packing and loading.

If you are considering buying pistachios with a special process, please let us know.

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