broken walnut kernels price for sale

broken walnut kernels price for sale

Broken walnut kernels price for sale is lower than halves walnut kernels. But in determining the price of broken walnut kernels, consideration of several parameters is also important.

The walnut kernel is examined based on several qualities. And on that basis, it is classified in different grades. One of the parameters is the percent fracture of the walnut kernels . If we classify walnut kernels based on fracture percentage, we will have a group of walnut kernels called broken walnut kernels. The broken walnut kernels have different qualities.


Types of broken walnut kernels

Broken walnut kernels types are classified based on the color and the fresh content of the product plus the size of the broken beads of the walnut kernels. For example, in the pictures below you can see three walnut kernels types. Everyone is in the group broken walnut kernels. But the size of their seeds is different. So put these three walnut kernels in three separate qualities in broken walnut kernels.


Uses of broken walnut kernels

As we said, broken walnut kernels price are lower than normal walnuts. So it’s a priority to use for food industry. Therefore, we can say that the reason for this is to give priority to broken walnut kernels for use in food units as follows:

  1. We often need to use pieces of walnut kernels for food industry units.
  2. Low of broken walnut kernels price can be another reason for the owners of the factory to produce such kind of walnut kernels.

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