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packing of pistachio kernels bulk

We can pack pistachio kernels bulk in several shapes. Which package model is suitable for pistachio kernels bulk depends on several parameters.

Packaging is one of the most important parameters to consider when buying and selling any food, including pistachios. Because the packaging is the guarantor of preserving the quality of the product during transportation. So, we need to be careful about choosing it.


Wholesale pistachio kernels bulk

For pistachio kernels bulk, we select a variety of packages, including:

  • Use the bags for packing
  • Carto
  • Vacuumed – Carton

But which type of package should I choose between these three types? The answer to this question depends on several factors. Contains:

  • Type of pistachio kernels
  • The standard of the target market
  • Freight distance
  • Tastes of target country

Based on these, we choose the type of packed. For example, healthy and large pistachios are often packaged in cartons. While cheap pistachios, including meat kernels and crushed kernels, can be packed in sachet. Also, if the distance of transportation is long and there is a possibility of a loss of quality of the pistachio brain due to moisture and …, it is necessary to vacuum the product in addition to carton packing.

Selecting the type of packaging should be done with the advice of the pistachio supplier. Because the supplier of pistachios knows more about the products. And according to shipping conditions and standards of the destination country, it can choose the best option among available options. The pistachio buyer can choose the best packaging for pistachio kernels bulk after consulting with the pistachio exporter.

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