fandoghi round pistachio price (2)

fandoghi round pistachio price

Fandoghi round pistachio price is lower than the other three pistachios, namely Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei and Kalleh Quchi. This has contributed to its sales increase.

The most important pistachio cultivars were previously grouped in four groups. These four groups are Pistachio, Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Kalleh Quchi and Fandoghi. Pistachio varieties have different characteristics. And even the initial production and maintenance costs are different. The reason for this difference in production and maintenance costs is the difference in these numbers in susceptibility to pests, heat and cold, and so on.


Low fandoghi round pistachio price

This has caused pistachio cultivars to differ in price. Among the pistachio cultivars, fandoghi round pistachio price is the lowest. And Akbari Pistachios Price is the highest. In fact, Akbari is the most expensive type of pistachio. And fandoghi is the cheapest pistachio.

Pistachio prices are one of the most important parameters in the trade of this product. Therefore, the low fandoghi round pistachio price can be due to the reasons for its market boom. Many countries, including Hong Kong and China, Russia, Pakistan, and … who are looking to buy low-priced pistachios, consider fandoghi round pistachio as one of the best options to buy.

Of course, fandoghi round pistachio price varies with its different qualities. Fandoghi round pistachio has different sizes, and each size has different qualities. Therefore, the price difference between types of fandoghi round pistachio is obvious.

The quality of the pistachio varieties can be read in the catalog. If you need to consult, you can contact us.

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