akbari pistachios price

akbari pistachios price

Despite the fact that akbari pistachios price are high and akbari pistachios are expensive pistachios, they are well received by consumers. What is the reason for this?

Among the important pistachio cultivars and, in fact, from pistachio cultivars, Pistachio Akbari is the most expensive type of pistachio. However, it has a lot of customers. In this article, we are talking with you about the high value of Akbari’s pistachio. And in the next step, the reason is welcome, despite the high price of akbari pistachios.


Specifications of akbari pistachios

Pistachio Akbari is a group of long pistachios. And of course, it’s also in the coarse-grained pistachios. The pistachio ounce is between 18 and 26. Because the seeds of Akbari are pulled, it has a beautiful appearance.

Pistachio Akbari is more sensitive to some pests. It is also more susceptible to Aspergillus fungus due to its lateness. Aspergillus mushroom generates aflatoxin. Thus, we can say that a small percentage of the cargo of akbari pistachios are suitable to enter countries like the European Union.

The same peculiarity of Akbari is due to increased production and maintenance costs. Therefore, Akbari pistachios price are high in comparison with other cultivars because of their beautiful appearance and large grains, and because of their lower production, and, of course, because of high production costs.


Akbari pistachios price and its sales boom

As we argued, the price of akbari pistachios is high. However, there is a lot of popularity on the market. The most important reasons for this are its being coarse and its stylish appearance.

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