pistachio price in iraq

pistachio price in iraq

The pistachio price in Iraq for pistachio Akbari, which is the most popular type of Iranian pistachio in Iraq, varies for its different qualities. In this article, we will review this issue and introduce the suitable quality for the Iraq market.

The Akbari pistachio with commercial name super long  is a long pistachio group. These pistachios along with kalleh ghuchi pistachios are the most coarse Iranian pistachios. The size of the pistachio seeds is about 18 to 26. Akbari Pistachio with 18-20 ounces is the most coarse type of Akbari Pistachio. And the smallest size is 26 ounces.


Akbari pistachio price in iraq

The two features, its shape and size, are due to its high price. Of course, the following are also the main reasons behind the high pistachio price:

  1. Performance of Acanthus pistachio trees per hectare: yield of pods of Akbari cultivars is lower than those of Haddaghi or Raspberry. Therefore, its production costs are higher.
  2. It is a bit difficult to store and maintain. Pistachio Akbari is one of the late cultivars. There is, therefore, a potential increase in Aspergillus fungi and producing aflatoxin toxin. Therefore, Akbari pistachios must be kept in a controlled environment. This means that the maintenance costs are a bit too high. And of course pistachios without stains are pistachios that have been processed manually, and therefore have high prices.

However, Akbari pistachio is popular with many countries. Such as Iraq, among pistachio varieties, loves Akbari pistachio. But Akbari pistachio has a high price. While the price of pistachios in Iraq should be more balanced by the demand of traders. Therefore, mechanically opened Akbari Pistachio that has acceptable quality and moderate price, is a more appropriate option for Iraq country.


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