1kg pistachios price in india country

1kg pistachios price in india country

The 1kg pistachios price in india is entirely dependent on the quality that the Indian importer ordered. Of course, other parameters that cause additional costs also affect the final price of pistachios.

Among the Asian countries, one of the most important Iran pistachio buyers, which has been increasing recently, is India. The rate of Indian-Iranian trade in pistachios has grown in recent years. India is a buyer of all kinds of pistachios and its products. Due to the fact that it has a very active confectionery industry, India is also one of the target markets and consumes for the types of pistachio kernels.

In fact, among the various countries that import pistachio kernels in addition to pistachios in shell, India is among the main importers.


Price of pistachios in india

One of the most important issues in pistachio trade with any country is the type and quality. The type and quality selected based on trader’s demand. The trader of each countries choose the quality according to the standards and tastes of their people.

India also has a special taste in pistachios. This country is a customer Ahmad Aghaei pistachio and a variety of pistachio kernels. Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio is suitable for India, because the color of its shell is white. In fact, Indian people are more like pistachios with white skins.

What quality of Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei is exported to India?

Naturally opened pistachio Ahmad Aghaei is suitable for India. Of course, given that Indian traders are looking for a modest price for pistachios, the average quality of this pistachio is a more appropriate option. Because the 1kg pistachios price in india country for this quality is acceptable for Indian merchants and consumers.


Inquiry for 1kg pistachios price in india country

We will avoid paying for pistachios in general. Because pistachio prices fluctuate. Also, the external costs, which is totally dependent on the agreements made between us and the buyer impact on prices. In order to inquire the price, it is necessary to specify the items in the loi form. So you can contact us or fill out the form and send us the following communication ways.

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