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Buy pistachios from Iran is done by high-volume CIS countries such as Russia and Kazakhstan. The pistachio price in Russia is determined by the type of pistachio and the side costs of delivery of pistachios.

Countries like Russia and Kazakhstan are among the importers of Iranian crops. Pistachios are also in the ranks of Iranian agricultural exports. Russia annually purchases large quantities of pistachios from Iran.
Given that Russia is located in the hemisphere, with a distance from the equator, it is relatively cold. So, despite the high geographic extent, agriculture is doing very little. Therefore, it supplies foodstuffs from other countries such as Iran.


Pistachios in Russia

Pistachios are one of the most important agricultural products in Iran, which has a very thriving export. Exporting this product to various countries. Pistachio is a food with high nutritional value. So consumers from all over the world welcome it. The Russian people also love this product. They use both nuts as well as in food industry units.


Pistachios price per kg

The pistachio price in russia of is very important for Russian merchants. The Russian consumer market is fond of cheaper (lower) prices. Therefore, we offer mechanically open fandoghi and Ahmad Aghaei pistachios to our Russian customers in different pistachio varieties.
In fact, the largest amount of pistachio exports to Russia belongs to these two types of pistachios.

If you intend to buy and import pistachios to Russia and CIS countries, you can contact us for advice and purchases.

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