roasted pistachios price per kg

roasted pistachios price per kg

Is the roasted pistachios price per kg different from the raw type? What is the reason for this difference in prices? Can we ask for the price of pistachio nuts for the type of processing we consider ourselves?

The process of pistachio roasting is a process after the complete pistachio preparation is raw. That is, an extra step before packing. This means that the cost of preparing roasted pistachios is higher than the same raw pistachio. In other words, the price per kg of roasted pistachio is often higher than the price of raw pistachios.

The roasted pistachios price per kg with a special processing process

Some customers ask for a special kind of roasting process. They want certain substances used for flavored nuts.

Often, during the roasting process, pistachios are flavored with ingredients such as salt, pepper, lemon juice, vegetables, and so on. The use of an item or a combination of these items takes place according to the buyer’s taste and order.

The type of processing and raw materials used during roasting are often identified by the buyer. The roasting method, as well as the arrangement of steps, also affect the final taste of pistachios.

So, if you want the pistachios to be processed specially, you can send us your pistachio sample. We will examine it in the lab and prepare the product in the way you request. And then we will deliver you. Before you register your final order, you can ask us for the final price of pistachios.

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