iranian pistachios price

iranian pistachios price

Iranian pistachios price in global market for the different qualities is different. Of course, its average price is a little higher than that of other countries. Nevertheless, the demand for it is very high. What is the reason for this?

Iran’s pistachio has many fans in the world. It is clear that the main reasons for the development of Iranian pistachio exports are its high production rates. However, the competitive advantage of Iran’s pistachio has not caused its customers to replace Iranian pistachio with other production.


Iranian pistachios price per pound

Do you know what is the most important competitive advantage of Iranian pistachio? Which, despite the high prices, has its fans in countless countries.
The most important competitive advantage of Iranian pistachio is its unique flavor and aroma. Specific climatic conditions of Iran and, of course, the specific methods of cultivating pistachios in it, have caused Iranian pistachios with a unique flavor and aroma. Iran’s pistachio is not competitive in this respect. That is why the countries near and far are avid customers of Iranian pistachios.

You can see Iranian pistachio in the consumer market of different countries. Some of these countries buy direct pistachios from Iran, and some with intermediaries like China, UAE, Germany and Turkey are buying Iranian pistachios.
Statistics show that Iran presents the most pistachios in the world market. Different countries are Iran’s pistachio target market. Countries that have a different taste in choosing and buying pistachios.

Fortunately, Iranian pistachio suppliers are capable of supplying all kinds of pistachio according to the country’s taste.
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