pistachio kernels bulk

pistachio kernels bulk

What is pistachio kernels bulk packaging? Considering that after removing the brain from the skin, this product becomes more vulnerable, it should be considered suitable packaging. So one of the pistachio buyer’s questions in buying pistachio kernels bulk is determining the packaging type of this product.

We choose packaging of the pistachio kernels bulk based on the following.

  1. Type of pistachio kernels: If the pistachio brain is susceptible to fracture and the percentage of fracture in the pistachio brain is one of the important parameters, then we prefer to pack the pistachio kernels in cartons. But if this is not the case, pistachio kernels packaging inside the bag can also be a good option.
  2. Destination country standards: We know that the pistachio brain becomes more sensitive after it is removed from the shell. May be more vulnerable to environmental conditions. So we need to choose a good protector for packaging. Particularly if the destination country has stringent import standards, we need to completely protect the pistachio.
  3. The geographical location of the destination country is also important. What kind of transportation is required based on the geographical location of our destination country? This issue is also effective in choosing the packaging type of the pistachio kernels bulk.
  4. And so on.


Pistachio kernels bulk packaging

We outlined a few important issues in choosing the type of packaging for pistachio kernels bulk. But we want to briefly outline the types of packaging for pistachio kernels bulk. The most important type of the packaging is bag and carton. The bag packages used for pistachios have a weight of 70kg. And the carton we use for this product are 10 kg and 12.5 kg cartons for the green peeled pistachio kernels.

It’s best to consult your supplier to choose the right quality of the pistachios and, of course, the type of packaging.

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