wholesale pistachio prices

wholesale pistachio prices

wholesale pistachio prices are far lower than pistachio retail prices. The reason is the reduction of side costs, such as processing, packaging and shipping. The same thing causes traders in transactions, with the goal of cutting down on side costs, they will be able to buy large quantities. For example, some Indian traders, in order to buy pistachios from Iran, they are buying a collective.

But what are the parameters for pistachio wholesale to be taken into consideration? In other words, what is the normal course of a pistachio wholesale deal?


Quality of the product

The first is the agreement of the parties to the transaction regarding the quality of the product. Pistachios have different qualities and variety. The merchants of each country buy pistachios according to the taste of their country. For example, Iranian pistachio contains the Fandoghi, Kalleh Ghuchi, Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Badami cultivars. Different countries have different tastes in buying pistachios.


Pistachio quality certification

In addition to the type of pistachio, certificates of approval for the quality of pistachio is also an important criterion.


Wholesale pistachio prices

After identifying the above, the parties negotiate an agreement on the price level. The seller pays a lot of attention to the price of pistachios. The volume of purchase is one of these. Because it affects side costs.


Payment methods

After identifying the above, the parties negotiate an agreement on the price level. The most common payment methods in the world of commerce are LC and TT payments. The pistachio exporters also pay attention to this.


Delivery terms

The delivery term is another item that needs to be specified.


After agreeing on the above matters, The seller will submit these in writing in a per-forma send to the buyer. And the buyer with payment according to the per-forma agreement, Confirms it.

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