pistachio nuts wholesale price in iran

pistachio nuts wholesale price in iran

The pistachio nuts wholesale price in iran depends on the type of pistachio, its type of processing, including roasting or packaging. And of course, after estimating the cost of lateral services, such as transportation, we can announce.

The pistachios that traders from different countries are asking us are different. This is obvious. Because consumers in different countries have different tastes.
Which pistachio model, with what kind of secondary processing and packaging, is completely dependent on the destination. Based on the above, we also estimate the pistachio nuts wholesale price.

We announce an example of these differences.


Price of pistachio hong kong

For example, Hong Kong is the largest importer of Iran pistachios. The country also consumes Iran’s pistachio in its own market, and exports it to other countries in the world, most notably China.
Pistachios, which are often shipped to the country, have acceptable quality and relatively lower prices. Faddaghi and Ahmad Aghaei models have the highest exports to China from Iran’s pistachio cultivars.


Pistachio Singapore price

The country of Singapore is also part of the Asian countries and is on the list of Iranian pistachios. This country has a very different taste with Hong Kong.
Singapore pistachios should be of high quality in terms of physical characteristics. And must also have the lowest level of aflatoxin.


Pistachio price in iraq

We introduce another country. Iraq. This country very love the large Iran pistachios. Of the five Iran pistachio cultivars, Akbari type is very popular in Iraq. Of course, the kind of mechanically opened that is flavored with saffron has the highest demand in Iraq.


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