pistachio rate in pakistan

pistachio rate in pakistan

We look at the pistachio rate in Pakistan for several pistachio cultivars that are most popular in Pakistan. Initially, we need to introduce the most important pistachio cultivars that Pakistan has to offer.

Pakistan is one of the major pistachio buyers. Though the country is doing very little pistachio production. But this small amount of production can not meet Pakistani market demand for pistachios and its products. Therefore, the country will import pistachios to supply pistachios.


Pistachio rate in Pakistan for different varieties

One of the most important types of pistachio that Pakistan asks is Fandoghi pistachio and Badami pistachio. Of course, other pistachio cultivars such as Ahmad Aghaei and Akbari pistachios can be suitable for Pakistan.

But Fandoghi and Badami pistachios are more well-known in the market. To determine the pistachio rate in Pakistan, we need to check the type and size of pistachios that are requested. Definitely Fandoghi pistachio rate in Pakistanis different from Ahmad Aghaei pistachio rate in Pakistan.

Of the different qualities of pistachios, most pistachios of moderate quality, which have a more moderate price of pistachios, are suitable for Pakistan. For example, the price of horseriding pistachios in Pakistan can range from $ 7 to $ 7.5. The price of pistachios may fluctuate under market conditions and conditions. Therefore, buyers should contact the supplier’s sales experts for more information. Updated price inquiry can help us make a better and more accurate selection.

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