naturally opened pistachios wholesale

naturally opened pistachios wholesale

In naturally opened pistachios wholesale prices are often top of the pistachios and two other types that are mechanically open pistachios and closed pistachios. We want to examine the issue by examining the quality and characteristics of naturally open pistachios.

First, we would like to have a comparison between the price of naturally opened pistachios wholesale with two other types. On the 2018.03.19, the price of naturally opened pistachios wholesale for fandoghi pistachios was $ 8.33, and for the mechanical opened fandoghi pistachios, $ 6.35.

As you can see, there is a lot of difference between them. But why does this difference arise? There is only one answer for that. And that is the significant difference between the quality of these pistachios than the each other. Therefore, to understand the difference in price, we need to know the quality of the two types of pistachios. This article examines the quality and characteristics of naturally opened pistachios that are considered naturally opened pistachios wholesale.


Naturally opened pistachios wholesale prices

One of the most important reasons for the higher of naturally opened pistachios wholesale prices is the higher percentage brain of this type of pistachio than Mechanically Open Pistachios and Closed Shell pistachios. The percentage of brain in naturally open pistachios is often between 54 and 59 percent. In fact, due to the good growth of the brain during the pistachio’s arrival process, the pistachio skin naturally slits.

One of the other reasons we can point out is the taste of pistachios. The naturally opened pistachios is often much better than mechanically open pistachios. And it’s very effective on the buyer’s decision to choose and buy pistachios. And he decision that buy pistachios online cheap, or choose from higher quality pistachios., or choose from higher quality pistachios.

By studying the Catalog, you can look at the quality and characteristics of different types of pistachios. You can also contact us.

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