buy pistachios wholesale

buy pistachios wholesale

Buy pistachios wholesale may be made in bulk or in small packages. In the case of pistachio bulk, what is the packaging that is considered for the product?

Packages with large weights to consider pistachios are bags and cardboard models. In buy pistachios wholesale, we will consider several issues for selecting the packaging type.


Package selection in buy pistachios wholesale

The first issue is the buyer’s request. Our sales priority is to choose the type of packaging according to the customer’s request. In this case, we are obliged to notify the buyer of the final price for the requested product when making a request.

The second issue is the standard as well as geographic location of the target country. If the buyer does not choose the package, we will try to choose the best option. The best option from the popular packaging for pistachios according to the destination and the country standards.

The export of pistachio products to destinations far of Iran, especially when transported by sea, is likely to result in poor quality pistachios due to high humidity and high temperatures. Therefore, the packaging we use should be able to protect the product from moisture and heat.

The best packaging for protecting the product from moisture and heat of the environment is vacuum packaging. Vacuuming the product and transferring it into the carton can completely protect the product both in terms of moisture and heat, as well as strike during transportation.

For countries close to Iran that comply with the FAO standards on imports, we select 50kg sacks for pistachio in shell and 10 and 12.5kg carton packages for pistachio kernels.

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