aflatoxin in pistachios 1

aflatoxin in pistachios 1

Aflatoxin in pistachios 1 grade is low. Aflatoxin is one of the issues considered in the pistachio trade standard. Of course, the permitted limits for Aflatoxin in pistachios vary from country to country.

Based on the quality of pistachios, the amount of Aflatoxin in it varies. For hips with a higher quality grade, for example, Aflatoxin in pistachios 1 grade is low. Therefore, this pistachio is suitable for export to countries that have considered the limitations of Aflatoxin . For example, it is suitable for export to EU countries.


Aflatoxin in pistachios 1 in the standard of different countries

As we mentioned, different countries have different rules and standards in pistachio trade. Below are some of the countries that have a much stricter standard than FAO. Including:

  • EU countries
  • United Kingdom
  • Singapore
  • And …

The countries of United Kingdoms and Singapore in buy pistachios have tougher rules. And after them, if we look at the laws and standards of the various countries, we will see that the European Union is strict in this regard.

What is the EU standard for pistachio traders? Is aflatoxin limits defined in this standard?


Aflatoxin in pistachios import to EU

The EU has defined the permitted amount of aflatoxin in pistachios as follows:

  • The limit for Aflatoxin b1 should be below 8ppb.
  • And the total Aflatoxin limit should also be below 10ppb.

With this in mind, pistachio salesmen should pistachio nuts sale to the European Union in accordance with this standard. That is, Aflatoxin in pistachios 1 should be below this limit. In this case, pistachio cargo will be allowed to enter the EU. Otherwise, pistachios import to EU will not be successful. The  biggest pistachio producer in the world has been focusing on this issue and is trying to increase the health of pistachios.

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