pistachio import from iran

pistachio import from iran

Pistachio import from Iran are carried out by many countries. We can introduce the countries of Hong Kong, Vietnam, Germany, the UAE, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan and … among them the most important ones.

Pistachio production figures in different parts of the world show that Iran is one of the major producers of pistachios. In fact, the high volume of production surplus on domestic consumption has caused Iran to be one of the suppliers of this product to other countries. If we look at the export of pistachios from Iran and the world, we can come to the fore.


Pistachio import from Iran by all five continents

Pistachio import from Iran are carried out by all five continents. Different countries either directly pistachio import from Iran or buy Iranian pistachios through intermediaries. We introduced a number of countries that have a lot of Iran pistachio imports above. Of course, there are a lot of these countries. We introduced only a few these countries.

You may want to know briefly about the types of pistachio products that are produced in Iran. In this section, we would like to briefly discuss this issue.


Product types of Iran pistachios for sale bulk

In addition to the pistachios in shell, we also process and supply different products of pistachios. We can mention, for example, pistachio kernels, slivered pistachios, pistachios powder and pistachio butter.

After the pistachios in shell, the pistachio kernels have the highest amount of exports. Slivered pistachio also export to some parts of the world. And pistachio butter is one of the new products that exports from Iran is increasing and booming.

You can read the catalog or contact us for a variety of pistachios and their products supplied by this center.

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