bulk buy slivered pistachios

bulk buy slivered pistachios

In buy slivered pistachios, you may encounter different prices from suppliers. What is the reason for this? How can the price difference be justified?

Differences in quality are one of the main reasons for the price difference between two slivered pistachio. Does the slivered pistachio also have different qualities? In the following text, we propose the parameters related to the slivered pistachio specification. These parameters indicate that the slivered pistachio is graded in several degrees of quality.


Bulk buy slivered pistachios with different qualities

The most important specifications about pistachios that can be mentioned include:

  • Size of slivered pistachio
  • Color of slivered pistachio
  • The percentage of breakages inside the product
  • As well as new or old product
  • Also taste the product

To better understand, we will insert picture of two different qualities of pistachios below. These two pistachio slices are different in terms of color. Therefore, this difference is the most important reason for the difference in price between these two products.

slivered pistachios - grade 1

slivered pistachios – grade 1

slivered pistachios - grade 2

slivered pistachios – grade 2

Also see the pistachio slice below. In this product, the percentage of broken slices is high. That’s why one of the main reasons for lowering its price than two high-quality ones.

pistachio slivers with super quality (2)

slivered pistachios – grade 3

We can  see two other parameters only by tasting the product. Nevertheless, they are two important parameters that play an important role in determining the price of pistachios.

The above explanation completely determined that the reason for the difference in prices for various pistachio slices. You can choose from the different qualities of the pistachio slice according to the need for you.

We present two models of slivered pistachio, you can see the photos of these gualities in above tow pictures.

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