pistachio wholesale canada

pistachio wholesale canada

What pistachio quality and type of pistachio should we consider in importing pistachios to Canada? The pistachio wholesale canada issue is checked in the text below.

Iran, in addition to providing pistachios needed by neighboring countries and countries in the Middle East region, is exporting to other countries such as Canada.

Iran annually sends a percentage of its export pistachio to distant countries such as Canada. It is noteworthy that the demand for pistachios from Canada has increased in the last decade.


Pistachio imports to Canada and its standards

The first and most important issue in the import of pistachios to Canada, is health of pistachios. The Canada, although there is not much rigorous investigation in the European Union, but the aflatoxin limit should be met. In order to import pistachios to Canada, the shipment must have an aflatoxin certificate.

What kind of packaging is suitable for pistachio wholesale Canada?

Wholesaler of pistachios in Canada Another point to consider is pistachio packing. Pistachio product that suffers from poor quality under inappropriate environmental conditions. Particularly in terms of health, it may be down. This is due to the possible growth of Aspergillus fungi and the production of toxic substances such as aflatoxin.

These tips indicate that a suitable package for pistachios is an important issue. This is especially important in exporting pistachios from Iran to distant points such as Canada.

Therefore, one of the most important issues in pistachio wholesale to Canada is the appropriate packaging option. The anti-UV vacuum package is the best option for packaging pistachios. And has the highest potential for maintaining pistachio quality from environmental conditions.

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