bulk wholesale pistachio nuts uk

bulk wholesale pistachio nuts uk

We offer the “wholesale pistachio nuts uk” article to those who intend to import pistachios to England. In this article, we would like to give a brief overview of the standards that customs of the country of destination are considering importing pistachios.

Certainly, a company that operates in the pistachio import export, is familiar with the standards of different countries in the field of pistachio trade. Some countries apply FAO standards in trade and imports. But some other countries have stricter standards.

The countries of the UK, EU countries, as well as countries like Singapore and …, are among these. If the product does not meet the standards of the country of destination, it will be difficult to import. And the cargo is returned.


Aflatoxin pistachio in wholesale pistachio nuts uk

As we have said, England is one of the hardest countries in the standard setting for pistachio merchants. These standards apply to all pistachio products, including pistachio in shell, pistachio kernels, and other products such as slivered pistachios.

Regarding this issue, pistachios are separated during the stage before being sent to England. This separation process aims to increase the quality of the product. In this way, the quality level and product standard will increase.

Also, among the different kinds of pistachios, the brains that come from closed pistachios are a good option for exporting to the UK. Because it is free of any kind of contamination, including infection with the Aspergillus fungus.

If you plan to buy pistachios for import into the UK, you should definitely share the destination with your supplier. To prepare the product in accordance with the destination standards.

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