wholesale pistachio kernels with skin

wholesale pistachio kernels with skin

We can categorize pistachio nuts kernel in two groups of pistachio kernels with skin and pistachio kernels without skin.

The two groups of pistachio kernels we have listed above each contain several subgroups. In fact, we introduced the types of pistachios in our articles. In this article, we want to state that each pistachio kernels is in either of the following groups. Which are in the group of pistachio kernels with skin and which are in the group pistachio kernels without skin.


Types of pistachio kernels with skin

The healthy pistachio kernels, called natural pistachio kernels, are in this group. Also unripe pistachio kernels, wild pistachio kernels, meat kernels, and also crushed kernels are in the group of pistachio kernels with skin.
The skin is the skin on the pistachio brain. That is floral.


Types of pistachio kernels without skin

The only subgroup of this group includes green peeled pistachio kernels. This type of pistachio brain is the brain of pistachios that derive from the removal of the superficial skin of the unripe pistachio kernels.

Pistachio kernels are processed in different forms because of the variety of uses found in various industries. And are imported into the market in different types. We can also use pistachio kernels with skin for nuts and can also use in the processing of various types of food products. But pistachio kernels without skin, known as green peeled pistachio kernels, are used only in the food industry.

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