pistachio nuts price per pound

pistachio nuts price per pound

What is the Iranian pistachio nuts price per pound? What is the reason for the price announcement of pistachios by suppliers and companies that export pistachios?

Pistachios are from healthy snack foods that are used as nuts. Therefore, it may increase the number of requests for a particular year. These days include festivals. Like Christmas Eve or Norouz.

On the other hand, pistachio harvesting takes place once a year. Therefore, we may encounter increasing or decreasing supply of pistachios in a period of a year.

These issues, which directly affect the supply and demand, cause the pistachio nuts price per pound to fluctuate.

These issues clearly explain the changing market conditions over a year. It also specifies why suppliers need to pay credit (Validity Date) for pistachio price.

Do other issues affect the price fluctuation of pistachios?

The fluctuation of the dollar rate and its impact on the pistachio nuts price per pound

Of course, issues such as fluctuations in dollar rates also affect pistachio prices. The highest pistachio sales in Iran are exported. And the exchange is a dollar exchange. The change in dollar rates affects the price of pistachios based on the dollar.

The other reason for declaring price credit is the inventory change. Pistachio exporters constantly sell and then recycle their warehouse products. And they always try to sell the product that they entered the warehouse at the fastest time. Therefore, an existing item declared to the customer may be sold to another customer over a specified period. Therefore, it’s absolutely necessary to declare the price and inventory credit.

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