buy raw organic pistachios

buy raw organic pistachios

Most buy raw organic pistachios from the EU member states. Organic food has many fans among the people of Europe. Iran supplies the most organic raw pistachios in the EU market.

Organic production has a lot of additional costs. Because the farmer has to use certain crops, such as bio-fertilizers, beneficial insects and compost, to strengthen their agricultural soil or to fight against pests.

In addition, in the process of processing, the product processing must be fully controlled. To prevent the introduction and addition of non-organic materials to the product. For example, in the production of flavored organic pistachios, we also have to choose organic additives.

These issues will cause high production costs. So, in buy raw organic pistachios, we often see higher prices. However, one of the reasons that we propose below, organic raw pistachios in the world market has its own fans.


Organic pistachio nuts

One of the most important features of organic pistachios is their high nutritional value. Research shows that the amount of vitamins, proteins, and minerals in organic farming products is higher. In addition, the remaining pesticides in organic pistachios are zero. And there is no chemical poison that has been left out of the stages of the fight against pests or the strengthening of the land in the product. Therefore, the overall nutritional value of organic raw pistachios is higher.

This has led to the buy raw organic pistachios, despite its high prices, boom in some parts of the world, such as the European Union.
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