Pistachio kernels price

The pistachio kernels price are based on their type and the quality of each type. Therefore, we need to get acquainted with the types of pistachios and their uses so we can make the right choice when shopping.

Pistachio nuts are in many groups. Their quality is very different, so pistachio kernels price is also different. Many factories that produce food are using pistachio cereals as a primary substance. But perhaps the high price difference of pistachio nuts causes you to not be able to make a good choice.

The first step is to get acquainted with the types of pistachio nuts. By gaining information and understanding the types of pistachios, we can simply buy the right product for you.

We categorize the pistachios in the following groups:

  • Natural pistachio kernels
  • Unripe pistachio kernels
  • Green peeled pistachio kernels
  • Meat kernels of pistachio
  • Crushed pistachio kernels
  • Halves pistachio kernels
  • Also Wild pistachio kernels

We introduced the first three cases in the “pistachio kernels iran ” article, in this article, we will examine issues 4-6.


Meat kernels of pistachio

We process this kind of pistachio kernels from pistachios that have been removed from pistachios during separation of smelly pistachios. For this reason, the meat of pistachios is very cheap.

The brains of the pistachios are tiny and sometimes the color of the crust on the brain is dark. Therefore, it is only suitable for use in food industry units. This type of pistachio kernels is a good thing for the preparation of products such as pistachio powder, also pistachio butter and so on.

In Iran, this pistachio is called the Gandomi pistachio and also moushu.


Crushed pistachio kernels

We separate the crushed pistachio kernels at the stage of healthy pistachio kernels processing. This type of pistachio is also relatively cheaper and suitable for food industry units.

The use of this pistachio cereal in confectionery, ice cream, chocolate and … is well suited.

crushed pistachio kernels

crushed pistachio kernels

Halves pistachio kernels

This pistachio kernels, as you can see in the picture, is half the pistachio whole brain. See the picture of this product in the picture below. This pistachio kernels also is a good use for food industry units.

Halves pistachio kernels

Halves pistachio kernels


Another type of pistachio brain that maybe you’re eager to know, is the wild pistachio brain. In the article “Wild pistachio kernels price“, we have thoroughly studied this product.

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