Types of pistachios for sale cheap

Types of pistachios for sale cheap

Pistachios for sale cheap , which we offer our customers, are not just closed shell pistachios. But some types and qualities of open shell pistachios are also available in a row of cheap pistachios.

Some types of pistachios have a moderate quality. In other words, the quality of these pistachios is acceptable. Along with this, they have low prices. And that’s why they are of interest to some of our customers. Some countries need this quality of pistachios because of their high purchasing and their people’s income level.

Which types of pistachios come in a row of cheap pistachios?

Closed shell pistachios for sale cheap

In the most important categories, pistachios are divided into two groups. Closed shell pistachios and open shell pistachios. Closed shell pistachios have the lowest price. But can open shell pistachios also be in a row of cheap pistachios?

Open shell pistachios for sale cheap

We also categorize open shell pistachios in two groups:

1) Naturally opened Pistachios: Pistachios that laugh naturally on the tree. These pistachios have a significant difference in price compared to pistachios.

2) Mechanically opened pistachios: Pistachios are closed mouths that split their shell skin mechanically. These pistachios have a low price difference with pistachios.

Of course, some naturally opened Pistachios also have a relatively lower quality. They also have low prices. And so they are also in the group of pistachios for sale cheap.

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