wholesale pistachios sale bulk

wholesale pistachios sale bulk

The wholesale pistachios sale price is determined by the variety, type and quality of pistachio. Different quality pistachios have different prices. Five Iranian pistachio cultivars are distinctly different from each other and thus have different prices. In this article, we are talking about two Fandoghi and Badami.

Five pistachio cultivars differ from each other. In terms of physical characteristics such as size and shape as well as taste and other specifications. Including the amount of fruit yield of each pistachio variety, the storage as well as inventory costs of the pistachios. Because of these differences, they have different price ranges.


Fandoghi pistachios price per ton

Pistachio cultivar, which has the highest production among different pistachio cultivars, is Fandogi. Hazelnut pistachio is the finest pistachio. The size is 28 to 36. (In the 2017-2018, the amount of large-scale inventory, the 28-30 Fandogi pistachio, is low.).

Fandogi pistachio has the lowest price among other pistachio cultivars including Akbari, Kalle ghuchi as well as Ahmad Aghaei. The price of Fandogi pistachio for the naturally opened type in the last 3 months of 2017 and the first 3 months of 2018 was about 7.2 to 7.4 dollars.
Wholesale pistachios sale of Fandogi pistachios are very high in different countries. Hong Kong and China, the European Union, also Russia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and so on are customers of this figure.


Badami pistachios price per ton

Badami pistachio is from long pistachio family. But its size is very small. Like Fandogi pistachios, it also has ounces between 28 and 36. The price is similar to Fandogi pistachio and close to the price of Fandogi pistachios.
Pistachio Badami is an Iranian pistachio cultivar, which in recent years has increased its production and entered the group of Iranian commercial pistachios. This figure is demanded by several countries, including Russia.

Also in the article “Iran Pistachio Price”, the two varieties of Akbari and Ahmad Aqahi are examined. You can visit.


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