Flavored red pistachios for sale

Flavored red pistachios for sale

Flavored red pistachios for sale at what level in terms of safety and health are a product? Do these products pass the FAO and Codex standards?

Maybe it’s a question for some of you that how is the quality of the pistachios we offer to our customers to taste with the pepper that they found red color?

By reading this article, you can discover it.

Red pistachios are pistachios flavored with red peppers. Of course, flavored pistachios have different types. You can use a lot of flavors to taste the pistachios. Saffron is one of them. Or lemon and salt are also flavors used in the secondary processing of pistachios.


Preparation of flavored red pistachios for sale

How to prepare and get orders for buying red flavored pistachios. We prepare flavored pistachios by customer order. That is, pistachio is often stored raw in the warehouse, and if one of our partners asks for flavored pistachios, then we will toast the pistachios according to the customer’s order.

So in the first step, we need to accurately determine the type and quality of the raw pistachio that the customer desires. And then we process secondary pistachios.

As you can see, the quality of raw pistachio used to prepare flavored pistachios can be of different grades.
Most of the pistachio quality of Iran passes the FAO standard (codex). And a number of pistachio shipments (Usually we prepare these pistachios during the next separation phase). Standards of the EU countries and … which have stricter rules.

So red pistachios can get a license to enter the consumer markets of different countries. This depends on the quality of raw pistachio used for the preparation and processing of these pistachios.

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