slivered pistachios for sale uk

Slivered pistachios for sale UK should also be in accordance with the country’s standards for pistachio imports and trade. The level of aflatoxin in pistachios should be very low, otherwise there is the possibility of returning pistachio slices.

A pistachio slice can be one of the products of pistachio that Iran produces and exports to different countries. Different countries like the UK can introduce our customers. The survey of exports and imports also shows that slivered pistachios are part of the UK’s demanded products.

Standards and packaging for slivered pistachios for sale UK

An important issue to consider about slivered pistachios for sale UK in the first step is the quality of pistachios. UK Standards is strictly for imports of pistachios. The United Kingdom also applies these standards to import slivered pistachios. And they analyzes and reviews the imported product.

The common packaging we use for slivered pistachios is cartoon packaging. The 5.5kg cartons that put 4 cartons in a mother carton.

Maintaining the quality of the pistachio slice and preventing fractures during transit, we must do through the correct packaging. Another issue is maintaining pistachio quality from environmental factors such as moisture and heat. We should also consider this parameter in packaging pistachio slices. Especially in sending shipments to countries such as the UK, the European Union, and so on.


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