Iran pistachios sale bulk

Iran pistachios sale bulk

Iran pistachios sale bulk is thriving in many parts of the world from a long time ago. Of course, Iran’s pistachio types also has a lot of fans in the world and has grown significantly in recent decades.

Iran is one of the first countries to cultivate mass pistachios in the world. With the help of the exporters of pistachios, this has been brought to many countries in the world and has begun exporting. Therefore, countries like the EU and the USA are familiar with the product and the efforts of Iranian exporters. Maybe the question is that America has a large-scale pistachio production in the world. Is not America’s oldest pistachio production in Iran?

We must say that pistachios from Iran have been traded to these countries. Even the name of a American pistachios is the Kerman cultivar. Kerman is the provincial name in Iran, which is the main cultivation area of pistachios in the country. Of course, you can see that the United States has begun cultivating pistachios in the last few decades…


Iran pistachios sale bulk and also packed

At the start of pistachio cultivation, Iran often exported bulk products to different parts of the world. Because at that time, the transformation industries, including the packaging industry in Iran, did not grow much.

But now Iran has made great progress in the field of conversion. In the area of food packaging, including pistachios, there has been significant growth in both the small packaging and also the large export package. And now it offers many food products including pistachios with the best packaging. Although the export of Iranian pistachio bulk in addition to packaging is still in place in many parts of the world.


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