artificially opened pistachios for sale

artificially opened pistachios for sale

Artificially opened pistachios, pistachio What models are they? What parameters are considered in determining the quality of these pistachios?

Pistachio is fruit smiling. This fruit naturally smiles on the tree. Therefore, it is why the is known smiling fruit. But sometimes, the percentage of pistachio seeds is close in each tree. This is due to insufficient growth of pistachio brain. That the brain’s insufficient growth is due to the unfavorable conditions for the tree. Therefore, if the appropriate weather conditions for the pistachio tree are provided throughout the year, the percentage of these seeds will be less.

How do we use these pistachios?


Closed pistachios for processing of artificially opened pistachios

We use Closed pistachios in two ways:

  1. Use it for the processing of pistachio kernels: closed pistachio seeds are the best option for supplying pistachio kernels. Therefore, the use of this pistachios is the use its for process of pistachio kernels.
  2. Also Production of artificially opened pistachios: A percentage of the closed pistachio seeds that look better, we use to produce artificially opened pistachios. In one processing step, the pistachio shell skin is artificially split. We call these pistachios “mechanically open pistachios” as well as “artificially opened pistachios”.

We group the Artificially opened pistachios based on several important parameters. Also we set their quality and price based on the following. Including:

  • Pistachio cultivar
  • Also Pistachio Size
  • %meat kernel

The three above items, parameters related to pistachio characteristics.

We also consider other aspects of determining the quality of mechanically open pistachios. Including percentage of pistachio skin, also percentage of seeds from the bottom and ….
We list these in the product section of the mechanically open pistachios inside the table.

To buy a mechanically open pistachios, you need to know the product specification of your application or the price range you are asking for.

Our product list: The Catalog.
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