pistachio wholesale price in iran 2017

pistachio wholesale price in iran 2017

The pistachio wholesale price in iran 2017 has increased significantly on the basis of the rial rate. Of course, the changes were lower by the dollar rate. The reason for this has been the dramatic change in the dollar rate in Iran during this period.

The increase in the price of pistachios in Iran in 2017 was significant on the basis of the rial rate. This has led to a decrease in the consumption of pistachios in the domestic market of Iran.

However, the intensity of the change in the price of Iranian pistachios in dollars during this period has been less. How can this problem be analyzed?

The largest volume of Iranian pistachio is exported. For this reason, the price of pistachios is determined on the basis of the dollar and is determined by the global market conditions. Obviously, for a specific price of pistachios based on the dollar, if the dollar is rising in Iran, the pistachio price will rise to the rial.

In the following, we will quote the prices of several Iranian pistachio cultivars in the last months of 2017.


The pistachio wholesale price

pistachio wholesale price for varieties pistachios in the late months of 2017 and in the early months of 2018:

  • Akbari pistachios price was 11-12 dollars
  • The Kalleh Ghuchi pistachio around $ 10 this time frame
  • Ahmad Aghaei had 8.9-9.5 $.
  • And Fandoghi pistachios 7.2 to 7.4 dollars.

(These prices are a six-month average of the price of pistachios in the given period.)

Several parameters are effective for estimating the final price of pistachios. Therefore, the stated average prices should not be the criteria for the decision to buy. Dear Customers, whenever you want to buy, ask for the price of the pistachios from the company’s expert.

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