buy pistachio slivers price

buy pistachio slivers price

What is the buy pistachio slivers price? What changes in the quality of sliced pistachio can cause price changes? We review these in the following text.

The sliced pistachio is one of the most popular pistachio’s products. Sweets and restaurants are the most important consumers of this product.

One of the main centers for producing and selling pistachio slices is Iran. We would like to talk about the price range of pistachio slivers in the following text. What is the price of pistachio slivers and why is the difference in price?

Sliced pistachio wholesale price per kilo

Pistachio slice is usually made from high quality pistachio kernels. The fresh pistachio kernels has a green color. Such pistachio kernels quality is often high in the pistachios of the brain.

On the other hand, the process of pistachio slivers processing causes additional costs. Therefore, in total, the pistachio slice has a high dollar value. The buy pistachio slivers price is now between 18 $ and 21.5 $. (The price date is the first week of February.)

But sometimes we see the price difference in pistachios. What is this issue?

As mentioned in the previous articles, the quality of pistachio slices is determined by the following three issues.

  • The Pistachio Slice’s Novelty
  • Pistachio slice color
  • and also its size

The change in each of these parameters means the quality difference between pistachio slices and therefore the price will vary.

You can see and compare two different quality pistachio slices below.

pistachio slivers with super quality

pistachio slivers: grad 1

pistachio slivers with super quality (2)

pistachio slivers: grad 4


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