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The price of pistachios in India for Pistachio Ahmad Ahaghi, which is the most popular Iranian pistachio in India, is entirely dependent on pistachio quality. What are the qualities of Pistachio Ahmad Ahaghi and how much of their price difference?

India is from Asian countries, which is in the list of targeted Iranian pistachio markets. This country buys a large amount of pistachios open shell as well as product’s pistachios from Iran each year.
Among pistachios open shell, Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio is more popular among other cultivars in India. This pistachio variety has a very varied qualities. So, to determine the price of pistachios in India, we need to know the quality that the buyer’s intends to buy.

In the following, we introduce different types and qualities of Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio.


Types of Ahmad Aghaei pistachio for sale

Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio is one of the most important pistachio cultivars in Iran. The most important characteristic of this variety, which distinguishes it from other commercial pistachio varieties of Iran, is its white color. In addition, the pistachio’s brain also has a beautifully color. The reasons for the popularity of this pistachio among its customers, including India, are these cases.

Different quality of Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio is in parameters such as:

  • Percentage of meat
  • Size of pistachios
  • Percentage of defective seeds inside pistachios
  • Non-uniformity of pistachios in terms of size and variety
  • And …

Case one, the difference between the naturally opened and the mechanically opened pistachios is evident. The second one is also very important, and the first point most buyers point to buying pistachios.
Other parameters, are often the most important reason for the price difference of a particular type and size pistachio cargo. These are the most important parameters in categorizing pistachios in super quality, high quality, first-class quality, second-class quality and grade-three quality.

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