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What is the reason for the difference in buy bulk shelled pistachios price? In this article, we intend to introduce the most important reasons for the difference. These parameters are the most important points in determining the quality of each pistachio cargo.

The important parameters for grading the quality of pistachios in the skin are in the following three groups and we talk about them separately.

  1. The first group is related to variety of pistachios.
  2. The second group is related to the type of pistachio in shell, which has two naturally opened and mechanically opened.
  3. Also the third group is related to the size and, of course, the parameters that are considered as defective seeds inside pistachios.


Iranian Pistachio Cultivars

The pistachios that are cultivated in Iran are varied. The most important cultivars are pistachios, Fandoghi, Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari, Kalleh Ghuchi and Badami.
The most important differences are between different varieties related to size and physical characteristics such as the appearance of pistachios. The size and appearance are the most important and, of course, the first point that traders pay attention to buying pistachios.


Three types of shelled pistachios

We can put shelled pistachios into three groups:

  • Open shell pistachios, which are called Smiling pistachios. It has two naturally opened and mechanically opened models.
  • Also closed mouth pistachios.

Smiling pistachios have the highest exports among the product’s pistachios. It’s very important to buy pistachios from which type of pistachio. Because pistachios that are naturally open have a difference in quality and therefore the price difference with the mechanically opened pistachios.


The size of pistachio varieties

For commercial pistachios, which are the most important pistachio cultivars of Iran, these sizes are available. (In front of each pistachio variety we introduce it)

  • Fandoghi Pistachios: This number is in sizes from 28 to 36 ounces.
  • Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei: 24 to 34.
  • Akbari as well as Kalleh ghuchi pistachios are also sizes from 18 to 26 ounces.

These parameters and issues such as percentage of packed seeds, stained seeds, crooked and mischievous mouth, and … are the main reasons for the difference in the quality of pistachios and therefore the most important reason for the price difference between pistachios in shell.

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