akbari pistachios price per pound

akbari pistachios price per pound

You can see the akbari pistachios price per pound, as compared with other pistachio varieties, which has a higher price.

Among the commercial pistachio cultivars of Iran, the highest economic value belongs to the Akbari cultivar. This figure is the same size jumbo pistachios. Jumbo and Akbari pistachios are the largest pistachio varieties in Iran. The ounces of these figures are in the range of 18-20, 20-22, 22-24, 24-26. The price of akbari pistachios per pound is higher than the Jumbo pistachio despite being equal in size.

At the same time, despite the high price, Akrobi pistachio has a lot of fans. In the domestic market of Iran, this pistachio is the most deluxe type of pistachio. And used in combination of nuts. In the world markets, different countries are also advocate of Akbari pistachios. Which Arab countries are among them.


Specifications of Akbari pistachios

The pistachio are almond-shape, coarse and stretche. Its skin color is a dark cream. The flower color of the pistachio brain is purple brown. It is often prepared in late September. Unfortunately, the likelihood of damage to this figure is due to heat.

The largest pistachio is Akbari 18-20. This size is often prepared in several stages of separation. So it has a high price. But there are special fans in the Iranian market.

Open shell Akbari Pistachio has two types of other varieties. naturally open pistachio akbari and mechanically opened pistachios akbari. Countries such as Turkey, UAE, Qatar and … love the naturally open pistachio akbari. And also mechanically opened pistachio akbari type in countries like Iraq.

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