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pistachios for sale online

Iranian pistachios sale online have flourished in recent years. Pistachio is graded in five main grades. Below we have introduced.

  • Super quality pistachio
  • High quality pistachios
  • First grade pistachios
  • Second degree pistachios
  • Third grade pistachios (Standard grade)

(These qualities are fully considered in the products and qualities section). Every quality has its own consumption market.

Super as well as high quality and also first grade pistachios are suitable for countries such as the European Union, Singapore, etc. These countries always ask for the best quality of pistachios. Second and third grade pistachios have standard quality and are suitable for most countries.

Online business is prevalent in all countries of the world. And most countries welcome this business method. Because it makes the business process very easy.

Pistachio Online Trading, pistachios sale online

In pistachio online trade, the first step is the agreement of the parties to the transaction regarding the quality of the product. When the quality of the product being traded is agreed, other conditions are specified. These terms include:

  • The final price of the product
  • Delivery term
  • Payment term
  • Also certificates related to product quality approval
  • As well as delivery time
  • And …

By identifying all of the above and confirming in the form of a per forma invoice, the seller and the buyer will fulfill their obligations. The seller, according to the agreement, prepares the agreed product. By confirming the quality of the product, upon confirmation of the agreed certificates, also payment is made from the buyer’s side.

Online trading has made the transaction process very easy. Two companies or two traders can simply trade without the need for high added costs. To do this, we need to provide the infrastructure for this. Helping and using the following in the right way is essential to success in online trading.

  • Bank services
  • Also inspection services
  • As well as services of international transportation companies

Tabriz Green Diamond pistachio Company (Anata Nuts Co), with the provision of relevant infrastructure, has been able to take a positive step in this direction.

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