the pistachio factory iran

the pistachio factory iran

The pistachio factory in Iran, has the power to supply the product to all of the world’s consumer markets. Because, It is located in the main source of pistachio production. Therefore, By dealing with Iran pistachio suppliers, merchants will not have to worry about supplying products at different time intervals.

One of the main concerns of some merchants and pistachio importers is supplying products at different times throughout the year. This issue and concern have caused traders to choose a consistent provider of high-power supplier. So every time you buy a product, you do not have to worry about shortages or lack of inventory.


Pistachio suppliers in Iran

Iran is the source of pistachio production. Each the pistachio factory in Iran is a powerful source of supply and export of pistachios. Connecting with a reputable pistachio supplier in Iran can greatly help us purchase pistachios in different periods of the year.

Do you know about the annual production of pistachios in Iran?

Statistics show that the average annual production of pistachios in Iran is more than 2300 tons. Iran uses this amount of production to meet its demand for the Iranian market, and also exports it to various parts of the world (almost every five continents from Iranian pistachio customers).


Pistachio exporters in Iran

An average of 2300 tons of pistachio production in Iran, consumes a large percentage of it into global consumption markets. Exports of pistachios from Iran to many countries. Below countries are on the list of Iranian pistachio importers.

  • Asian
  • Eurasian
  • European
  • Also African
  • And even American countries

Do you know that Iran puts how many percent of pistachio into the global markets as well as how many percent to the domestic market?

The statistics indicate this: The Iranian consumer market is a small percentage of pistachios (less than 20%). A high percentage of Iran’s pistachio (more than 80 percent) is used to meet the needs of global consumption markets.

With this description of Iran and according to available statistics, Iran is the main supplier of pistachios in the world. This country is a powerful source of supply and export of pistachios.

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