pistachio nuts price per ton

pistachio nuts price per ton

The pistachio nuts price per ton delivered to the cif country of destination based on the type of pistachio, the purchase amount, the type of packaging and destination can be different. Therefore, this price may be different for different customers.

pistachio nuts price per ton are being invoked for the purchase of major in international transactions. We estimate this price based on the number of items that determine the cost of sales. Let’s look at these below.


Pistachio nuts price per ton plus estimated side costs

For the specific type and quality of pistachios, the following are the most important factors in determining the cost of selling pistachios:

  • Pistachio packing
  • Pistachio purchase tonnage
  • Type of verification and inspections required at the buyer’s request
  • Transport type: This is subject depending on the country of destination and, of course, the buyer and seller agreement.
  • Delivery Term: Some of the customers inside Iran are representative and can receive their product fca or fob. And other customers are no representative in Iran, and they ask for terms of delivery such as cip, cif and ….

By specifying these items, we can accurately estimate the cost of lateral inspections by international inspection and shipping companies and announce the pistachio nuts price per ton.


EXW pistachio nuts price per ton

As you can see, there are numerous factors in the estimation of the final price of pistachios. Therefore, the unit price can not be declared for pistachios. Even in the exw delivery for a particular type of pistachio, if the volume of the pistachios is different, so the price announced will vary by us. Because at some times the cost of preparing the product it in its final package will affect the final price of pistachios. Often, the cost of the pistachios decreases with increasing purchase tonnage, if you consider the cost per kilogram.


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