slivered green pistachios Melbourne

slivered green pistachios Melbourne

In the article “slivered green pistachios Melbourne”, we study the types of pistachios that are suitable for export to Melbourne. the products that iran send to Australia in previous years.

Melbourne is one of Australia’s most important cities. Due to the fact that it is often on the list of Iranian pistachio importers, Australia is considered important for Iran’s businessmen.

We announce the statistics on annual exports of pistachios as well as their products to Australia. The statistics were reported by the Tehran Chamber of Commerce.


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In 1395 (coinciding with 2017), exports of pistachios and their products from Iran to Australia reached 330 tons. This figure was around 270 tons in 1394 ( 2016). Also about 201 tons in 1393 ( 2015).
As you work, Australia is one of the countries that imports pistachios from Iran. The purchasing amount of this country has also been increasing in recent years.


Exports of slivered green pistachios Melbourne

Among the various pistachio products that Iran sends to Australia, slivered pistachios are one of them. Although the highest amount of pistachios that Iran exports to Australia is open shell pistachios. But the percentage is based on the available data on pistachio kernels and product’s pistachios.

The Iran slivered pistachios have different qualities. We categorize this product in terms of the color of the pistachio slice and also its size. You can order different models and quality of this pistachio product.
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