the pistachio factory

the pistachio factory

Along with the development of pistachio production in Iran, Several pistachio factory also started operating. Over time, with increasing production volumes, these factories also developed their activities. Because of the high volume of Iranian pistachio sales in the field of exports, pistachio factories must process according to the standards of the day.

In the same vein, pistachio factories have made their equipment more modern and more mechanized. In addition to this, the creation of R & d department will have a positive impact on the increase and improvement of the quality of pistachio production. The big pistachio factories are paying attention to this issue and creating this sector.

The importance of creating a pistachio factory near the garden

Usually pistachio factory (pistachio terminals) is created near pistachio gardens. This is done with the aim of accelerating the process of processing and drying pistachios. By doing this, they prevent pistachio contamination from mushrooms after harvest. After the drying stage, the factories take pistachios from the recording terminals and take them to the sieve stage.

At the sieve stage, the pistachio factor separates the pistachio from the size. It also reduces the percentage of closed shell pistachio to this stage. You can see the video of the work of pistachio factories in the article (Iranian Pistachio Exporter).

The presence of pistachio factories in Kerman and Khorasan

The most important provinces of pistachio producers in Iran are Khorasan and Kerman. Of course, production is carried out in the provinces of Yazd, Qazvin, Azerbaijan and several other provinces. Pistachio factories are also located in these areas. They produce and process pistachios.

Of course, packing factories pistachio are also in other areas besides these production areas. These packaging companies puts pistachios from production areas and consumes them after processing and packaging.

Iran pistachio is now producing, processing and supplying the highest standards. There are many fans in the world. And fortunately many consumers in the world like it and they are buying it.

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