aflatoxin pistachio iran

aflatoxin pistachio iran

The article “aflatoxin pistachio iran” examines whether iran pistachio is contaminated with Aflatoxin? If so, why do different countries, even the European Union or Singapore, buy pistachios from Iran ?!

Some Iranian pistachios have been infected with aflatoxin, but in this article we want to reject this issue with the statistics of exports and imports and through valid certificates.
First, we need to answer this question: Iranian pistachios exported to which countries?


Export pistachio from iran

Iran’s pistachio has now entered the consumption market of various countries. Different countries from all over the world are buying pistachios from Iran. From Asia, Europe, Africa, Eurasia and even America. We list a number of Iranian pistachio buyer. Germany, Singapore, United Kingdom, Russia, China, UAE, Turkey …. As you can see, the names of countries that have stricter rules for importing pistachios are here. Among them, we can mention Singapore, England, Germany and others. The question now arises: if aflatoxin pistachio iran is high, how do Iranian pistachio exporters export the pistachios to these countries ?

The above explanation in itself answers the question of whether aflatoxin is high in Iranian pistachio or not.

Iran is one of the main pistachio producers and exporters in the world. The world know the quality and health of Iranian pistachios. For this reason, exports of pistachios to the rest of the world flourish.

In a short article, “aflatoxin pistachio iran”, we were able to prove the health of Iran’s pistachios. Of course, pistachios have different qualities. You need to be careful about buying pistachios. So you can get a healthy product. You can buy a variety of pistachios by following the links below.

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