food factory pistachio

food factory pistachio

Pistachios in the food factory pistachio undergo various processing stages from the time of picking and delivery of fresh pistachio to its preparation and sale in the pistachio market.

With the arrival of the pistachio harvest season, which coincides with the late summer and early autumn, farmers are ready to pick pistachios. With the arrival of various pistachio varieties, farmers harvest them. From different cultivars, we pick up the Fandoghi pistachio sooner than other commercial varieties. And Akbari pistachio is taken longer than other cultivars.


Pistachio processing by food factory pistachio

After harvesting pistachios, we transfer pistachios to the food factory pistachio for processing. The first stage of the process is to remove the skin from the pistachio. After that, we wash the pistachios and dry at different stages.

After dry pistachio processing, pistachios are inter into the machine. For separation. In several steps, different sizes of pistachios are separated and so pistachios are sized. Defective seeds, including closed seeds, we separate from the pistachios.

Food factory pistachio to produce high quality pistachios with the least amount of contamination, need to carefully process all the steps. It is very important to process done early and not delay it, especially from the harvesting stage to post drying. Using up-to-date equipment, employing committed and capable workers, using safe water during processing is one of the most important factors that food factory pistachio must adhere to.

In keeping with the issues we mentioned, we can process pistachios with the highest level of health. Food factory pistachio prepare pistachios in various grades, and exports to different countries. In accordance with the market of each country.

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